About Us.... 

Stephens Glassware Corporation was established in 1954 by co-founders Thomas Stephens III and his wife Jennie Stephens.  Together they opened the doors to a little corner shop in the heart of Bloomfield, New Jersey.  

They ran small advertisements in the local newspaper, but the growing success was the direct result of "satisfied customers."  Word spread of the unique gifts; each and every item individually cut by hand.  Word spread of the quality service; "fast and friendly" to say the least.   

When Thomas Stephens III passed away in 1967, his son and daughter "stepped up to the plate" in an effort to keep their father's memory and his dream alive.  

Although Thomas Stephens IV knew he could never "fill his father's shoes," he did what he could.  And what he did helped make this company what it is today.  

In the early 1970's Stephens Glassware made it's entrance into the gift industry.  First, in the Atlantic City Gift Show followed by the New York International Gift Fair.  Hopes of expansion soon turned into a reality.  

In 1990, the company was relocated to the town of Oak Ridge, New Jersey.  Here the Stephens' business could grow as well as the family.  

In 2000, monogrammed gifts were once again deemed a "hot trend," and business was booming. While at the New York Gift International Gift Fair the family saw the drastic increase in cliental as a "problem."  

Not that they did not want "new business," but this company had built a reputation on not only the quality personalized gifts, but the quality personable service... and they weren't about to let that go.  That was the last gift show Stephens Glassware attended.

Today you can find quality products manufactured by Stephens Glassware in fine retailers throughout the United States.  The company is still family owned and operated and continues to grow... at a steady pace.